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How long in advance should I book my shoot?
It is a matter of availability, it is best to book as soon as possible! But you can do it at the last moment. I can not promise anything at the last minute. The ideal is to have a few weeks in advance! 
What if I need to reschedule or cancel?
Reschedule or cancel your date/time free of charge with 48 hours notice. If less than 48 hours, there is a €50 fee.. 
How many people can book a shoot together?
This is a time-based model, however if you have more than 9 people there is a one hour booking minimum. For groups larger than 20 we recommend 2 hours.
What happens if it's raining?
We shoot rain or shine  and it’s no problem,  just bring your favorite umbrella. However, if it’s raining sideways in a ridiculous fashion, we can reschedule.  
Can I purchase extra time while in the middle of a shoot?
Of course! If you want to keep going, and the photographer is free, you can pay the additional charge afterwards online. Each additional 30 minute increment is €100 .
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You have the rights to use the photos for personal use (not commercial). Print them, share them and hopefully hang them on your wall. We would like to showcase your photos in our portfolio, but if you are shy, just let us know and we will not post anything publicly.

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