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Shall we have a wedding book?

The wedding book is for me the purpose and the outcome of my work. The majority of my bridegrooms ask me for wedding books, especially having seen them.
The interest of a wedding book is to be able to offer a support which is going to emphasize your photos and to allow to tell at best your story.
The making of a wedding book is in extra of the service photo. I speak here about the creation of a real wedding book and not about a simple album into which we come to insert printed photos.

Can we interfere during the preparation of the wedding book?
You are regularly asked during the realization of the wedding book photo for review: image of cover, choice of the finish, the comments, the arrangement…
Is it possible to realize a book photo several months after our marriage?
Absolutely and it is even recommended to have acquainted all the images of the wedding before participating in the elaboration of a wedding book.On the other hand the budget of a marriage is considerable and the finances are at the lowest after the marriage.That is why I propose to the bridegrooms, the possibility of beginning the realization of the wedding book several months after their union.
How many photos are taken during day?
There are no limits. Once again the purpose is to promote the quality to the quantity. On average, I deliver in the final selection between 300 to 800 images. Everything depends on the service which is confided to me. 
Are our images reworked?
The optimization of your images is one of my priorities.Even after a careful shot, the retouch brings a real added value to your images (color adjustment, contrast, brightness control, skin texture, B & W conversion …).It is also the small personal touch from the photographer who will make all the difference.Moreover, it is a way of expression to offer a unique and original style to your wedding images. For that each photographer has his own recipe. 
How long do you stay with us?
For your wedding to be told the best way, I accompany you preparations early morning till one o’clock in the morning for the first dance.I prefer full coverage of wedding reportage. This presence is essential to create a real complicity between you, your family and your photographer.

Besides, as the day progresses, you feel comfortable in front of the camera. It is also more pleasant when viewing images we have the impression to live again completely the day

You are on Paris. We get married in Madrid, do you move?
Naturally! I do many kilometers to be with my customers. 
How are held your meetings with future newlyweds, what is your method?
Initially I take information by email (place, date, number of guests, topic if there is one). Then I meet the bride and groom at their home preferably.With experience I realized that we learn more by being in “the intimacy of people” and then future newlyweds are often more natural when they are at their home.So we meet, I ask a lot of questions about the world of spouses, the wedding plans and expectations.This is what allows me to work and make their images that match to then.
How gets organized your participation the D-Day?
I am the shadow of the bridegrooms. I make my maximum to be while being invisible.It is delicate to explain but I am very in collusion with my bridegrooms, I guide them, I advise them on the fact that is going to take place and on the way we are going to approach the events.I spot the guests – who is who, the relationship between them – I just built the “family or emotional tree” of the bridegrooms. It allows me to capture the excitement among people. For example with grandparents or childhood friends.I know to be discreet during the civil or religious ceremonies but I also know to be on the dancefloor in the middle of all to capture these moments in a completely different atmosphere!
Which photographs forms of mediums do you propose to the future newlyweds?
I deliver photos on DVD in an attractive casket and I propose wedding book in beautiful materials and facts at professional printers specialized in wedding book. 
For you what a successful photo?
There is on one hand a technique, a control of the light, etc. What will make that a photo will be exposed to the general public in a gallery for example.On the other hand there is an emotion, a souvenir which this photo reminds. There the technique passes in the 2nd plan. A photo badly exposed, misplaced may be very moving to share the feelings that emerge.A good picture is the combination of these two points: the technical mastery and emotion that emerges.
Do you take a picture of everyone?
Unless establishing a checkpoint where each would be photographed (bad idea), I am not able to ensure that each guest will be photographed.Except during the group sessions, I move continuously during the cocktail party to take portraits and pictures of small groups while trying to take everyone. 
Do you need the second photographer?
If you have more than 300 guests and / or want a more comprehensive report, it may be necessary to provide a second photographer, for all or part of the day.Even if I come with a second photographer I’m responsible for all the sorting and processing of photos. 
How to organize the preparations?
I suggest you photograph the preparation of the Bride (makeup, hair …) and/or groom, according to times and places, as well as the “first look” if it takes place before the celebration.
How takes places the cover of the religious ceremony?

I am now in advance to settle peacefully and introduce myself to the religious representative.
I look up to not disturb the course of the ceremony and contemplation of all.
I move as quietly as possible, respecting the sacredness of the place.
I make no flash photography, unless required for entry and exit, at the doors.

WHEN YOUR SERVICE IS COMPLETED, what happens to the pictures?

the work does not stop just for shots, upon my return, and no matter the time, I save all the photos on internal hard drive, external hard drive more than one secure server. Sorting and processing photos came after. Warning pictures are stored a few months and not for life!

And if our questions are not answered here?

Contact me and I will answer with pleasure.