You want to come to Paris? for honeymoon? What a great idea!



  Rendez-vous Paris offers to make a photo report during your stay in France. Whether for your honeymoon, tourist or business trip, golden wedding … Rendez-vous Paris puts at your disposal a professional photographer who will accompany you during those few hours in order to make the most beautiful pictures of your stay. The Photographer will share his knowledge of places full of delightful stories. There are mythical places (Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge ……) and unusual places (wall of I love you, “Fontaine des Innocents”). Photography of quality is a matter of professionals, it’s a job. You cannot think about an accountant or a surgeon when you have a plumbing or electricity problem.

Cathedrale Notre Dame  la maison rose 1500  Tour Eiffel

The Photographer will know how to bring to the light the natural in you in an idyllic setting. Do not limit yourself to soulless and emotionless pictures or just poorly framed ones taken by yourself (you’re not in the picture) or a stranger who will do what he can. Nothing replaces the eye of the artist to capture these moments.


Canal Saint Martin




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