The wise of Tchaoun Kossi

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This photo was taken in 1999 in Benin. More precisely Tchaoun Kossi, look no on google earth, it knows not!

I was invited by the village elder to drink “tchouk”, a kind of local beer absolutely awful, but I preferred to drink it all if only out of respect.

He took out his pipe and I my old canon 1980!

I asked permission to photograph, he agreed but I had to give him a photo immediately. Not working at Polaroid I explained to him that I will send upon my return in France. I did, I sent a friend living in northern Benin, not far from Park Pendjari which normally took charge.

It was one of the best moment of my journey in Benin. Some children had not yet seen the “yovo”, ie white! It is a little touristy and very pleasant country.


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  1. roger /

    The Tchouk or tchoukoutou the sorghum is also called tchapalo in Mali. I understand you. WARM it infects and filthy for a white course.
    no misery in the picture, and nothing but a man who smokes a pipe with PEACE and SERENITY. It is two fingers of wisdom. Bravo. I do not know if it’s smoke or bokeh effect profile cutting, but this is great lighting. CONGRATULATIONS

  2. sylvain Fouquet /

    Thank you Roger, I actually had to compose the picture thinking to smoke the pipe and back lighting of the sun.

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