Meeting the photographer

moi couleurThe wedding has been celebrated; the wedding dress is stored the hairstyle is now back to the normal and on a daily basis. The newly wedded couple receive me, often surrounded by few relatives and they discover their photos … Now that surprise and joy have passed, the conversation can start. Some stories are told about our first meeting – Will we agree on the wedding preparations?- Which memories do we keep in mind? – Of course, what about the event?. The photos speak for themselves. All styles: from classical, expected, some say “for the family” to those secretly desired by future spouses, to those proposed by the skilled in the art …

In a corner or on the bed, suitcases, travel guides, hats and toothbrushes are piled up. The honeymoon is coming soon!

It happened that young couples discuss with me their regret of not being able to share with their present and future families this unforgettable moment, closely link to the wedding that is the honeymoon.

The idea appeared to me, inspired by my encounters and expectations.

I thus, suggest you at your convenience, to continue the process started during the wedding and its preparations and to accompany you on your honeymoon as wedding Reporter.
This report offer is open to anyone wishing to spend some time in France and to keep a testimony. Picture report is my passion. My momentum naturally goes to it. Witness the encounter between the authenticity and the unusual. Enter intimacy.
This type of innovative offer that I created complements the wedding photos stories.

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