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Romantic summer day in Paris, couple of tourists sitting by NotrPackage : « Victor Hugo »
Place : Notre Dame de Paris to Champs Elysées

It is a masterpiece populated with demons, chimeras and a body stone that will welcome you at the beginning of the tour in the historic heart of Paris.
Notre Dame de Paris offers a wonderful view on its roofs, its gargoyles to courageous people who climb the stairs of the north tower. It also gives a fantastic view on the roofs of Paris. You will be affected by the amazing faces that you will meet during your stroll, but also by the lights that adorn the huge pillars of this building.
Back from Parisian peaks, you will go to a place full of historic memories:
The City hall of Paris. In the past, this magnificent building was often used as a rallying point for rioters, insurgents and revolutionaries.
Each city has its specialty … A hook in the beautiful Fountain of Innocents will enable you to admire the splendid tetrapylon silhouette. Lions and mermaids adorn its carved walls.
You will then cross the largest museum of Paris: The Louvre, its famous pyramid but also its facades and its square courtyard. These monuments will delight you. You will continue through the Tuileries garden, which contains in its appearance of French style garden the works of great masters of sculpture, Maillol, Rodin, Giacometti. The “Place de la Concorde” will elegantly close this walking place and culture.
These monuments remain the most important creation of the Enlightenment in the capital city. The unique vision of your photographer will capture these moments filled with surprises and emotions. Only a work done in natural light will restore with authenticity your journey in the history of Paris.Le Louvre

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