The wedding photo report

Man's hands touches bow-tie on a suit

A few years ago the wedding photo report could only be done by a professional. The advent of digital technology has simplified and trivialized photographic practice.

You might have a digital camera and it’s a good thing! On a daily basis it is very convenient, I permanently have a simple camera available and accessible to all, everyone uses it at his convenience.

That is how, I was able to capture the first steps of all my children.

So why must you choose a professional?

The answer is in the question, he is a professional! So he will know best how to capture precious and unique moments of this memorable day.

It is a day filled with precious moments that is not to be missed.

If you want a high-quality picture, then there must be the trained eye of a professional photographer.
Frozen in time, the groom who adjusts his bow tie, preparation of the bride, children dressed up, joyful and running in the park, the couple’s with their feet in the water … These are few examples of moments full of pleasant emotion to revive years later.






What does Rendez-vous Paris offer you ?

Rendez-vous Paris is a quality service tailored to your desires – How?
By being at your disposal during a preparatory joint work.
We will discuss the process of the wedding (rent, time, ceremonies, events) as well as your specific expectations regarding the photo report. On this occasion, you will be presented a model of high-quality photo book available according to your choice.

préparation de la mariée_250On the wedding day, Rendez-vous Paris mainly films in natural light capturing scenes of life and limiting posed moments. The most beautiful pictures are those that match with your personality that appear during fleeting moments.
Rendez-vous Paris is characterized by its ability to capture those precious moments.
A wedding photo report consists not only of posed pictures taken in an idyllic environment, on the contrary!
1.000, 2.000, 3.000 pictures even more are taken at a wedding. The best images will be preserved and promoted in postproduction with the best software available on the market. An artistic choice will guide the pictures to color or black and white.
You will quickly receive your photos on  a high-quality dvd . You will thus be able to see them on your different screens.
All your pictures are available on the website Rendez-vous where you can order printings and enlargements in different material (paper, canvas, aluminum, tee-shirts …)
Rendez-vous Paris associates – artistic sensitivity and professionalism – to offer to its customers a service in line with that memorable day.

Sylvain Fouquet